Come here, he said.I’m going to love you forever, he said.Wait right here, he said—pointing to the thresholdbetween our lives—not quite out of minenot quite into his.So I waitedwhere he told me to waitand I could seehe was tryinghe was tangledhe was smoothwhen he came to meet methose nightshe stepped out of his lifeand intoContinue reading “Shattered”

Backseat Love Song

I wish you wouldakept your lies to yourselfwhen I had you in the backseatI woulda given it to you anywayI woulda loved you anywaybut you told me you were mineit was just a matter of timeit was just a matter of timeyou coulda had me in the backseatyou coulda saved mefrom believing you loved mebutContinue reading “Backseat Love Song”


Remember when we agreedthat one should avoidusing the word shouldwhen trying to coax actionout of someone else?Best, we decided,if suggestionswere presented as optionsinstead of commands.Like—You might want to add more salt…You may want to practice a little more…It might look better without the belt…I wonder if the red might be too much…Are you sure we’llContinue reading “Command”

How it Ended

Soon—the snow will come again,cover,conquer this landscapewe looked out on togetherso many timesand it will mark another yeargone,lost forever.And I could count on both my handsthe number of timeswe were warmed by one another,the number of times we gave in—even though wrongwas the word for it.And I remember the last time—though I couldn’t have knownitContinue reading “How it Ended”


I opened the emailand read the apologyfrom the arts organization I belong tofor publishing my address wrongin the annual magazinethat just came back from the printerand is on its wayto thousands of art loversand galleriesand collectorsand my heart clenched and sankover the loss of revenuethat would be linked to this mistake.But then the world creptContinue reading “Cost”


Mid-Octoberis my favorite time to be aloneeven though it could be saidI like to be alone most times, really—it’s just that this cool orange weatherreminds me of that wish I had—the one I was so sure would be true by now—a wish that would have meantI would not be here alonewatching the deer nibble theContinue reading “Mid-October”

Therapy Session

For the price of gasolineI drove my broken heart northto be examined by a friendwho has experiencein how to live through themand she fed me leftovers and wineplaced a kitten on my laplistened before she spokeand didn’t tell me what to doshe just asked if you brought me joyand I said more than I’d everContinue reading “Therapy Session”


What could I have donedifferentlyafter you showed upon that day in late Julyafter I invited you inafter the innocent exchangeof ideasthat never stopped growinginto wishesafter you leftafter you went homewhere you livedhappily enough how could you have knownthe warmth we feltwould become heatthat warned us bothto back awayto stay awayand who can saythat we wereContinue reading “Unanswerable”

Half Written

There is no campfireno conversationthe depths of whichenlighten our soulsthere is no guitarweeping into the darknessno anticipationto crawl into a tentafter we’ve had our fillof silver pepper starsno promised warmthradiating from me to youfrom you to methere is only the dreamdiminishing slowlythe way I let you inthe way you went outlike a song half writtenstillContinue reading “Half Written”