Hope, Illuminated, Lost

With each day’s passingthis hurt hurts less—becomes more clear.The lives we deconstructedin order to meet again and againwere never going to berearranged into perfection.I thought you were_____.You thought I was_____.Wrong about everythingis what we were.Hope—hope was supposed to be our glue.Was supposed to deliver usinto our ever-after.Was supposed to be the handreaching out to saveContinue reading “Hope, Illuminated, Lost”

What Do I Believe?

I will love you until I take my last breath, he said. I’m telling you to move on, he said. It would be cruel to ask you to wait any longer, he said. Everything I ever told you was true, he said. All I want is to believe the part about his last breath. ThatContinue reading “What Do I Believe?”


By nowI should be able to look outover our oceanand see the waves for what they are—an omen,an impasse.But all I see is waterand I want to get back in the boatI built to get to you—even though the swellswill capsize my every attemptto make it to your shore. *****DeMaris12-23-2020 “Miranda the Tempest” by JohnContinue reading “Undertow”