Stubborncrusted snowon the windshield,the morning still dark,still cold –but it came –this new next daywe weren’t promised –and tomorrowhas become a hope,not a guaranteeas we cut throughthe darkto the ERwhere wordsare whisperedas if they could hurt us –and the cancerbegins to show usits terrible pain. DeMaris 1-18-2021

The Night Comes Again

I open the daywith my eyeslooking for a placeto put my love. There is nothingbut the worldfull of wonderand terrible people. He and Inever talkedabout our ending—never saidto each other: “this is why…” Some thingsyou learnbecause someoneyou trustrefuses to teach you. Like the timeone of your parentsor bothwas so withdrawnthey didn’t noticethe bruiseson your arms.Continue reading “The Night Comes Again”