Todaythe ax came downinto the loggot stuckwouldn’t budgeso I placed my ungloved handlike a sacrificeupon its planeto steady the woodwhile I wiggled the ax loose—there was a slipa shocka split-second glimpseof white bonebefore the bloodturned everything red,and the painhadn’t yet comeas I walkedtoward the house I builtwith these two handsbut once insidethe trobbing demandedevery unhurtContinue reading “Pains”


Under the blue mottled skyhe rides—the city open to him, finally,after winter snowskept telling him no—after the numbersstarted to go down—the pandemic loosening its grip.This road is where he breatheshealshopesglides on two wheelspast pedestrians out for a walk—everyone out in the longed-for sunsearching for normal.He is looking forwardto the next timehe’ll hear from her—the new,Continue reading “Parallax”

Mea Culpa

For so longwe were a secretthat stretched outthrough timeuntil webecame singular: me.And I am the onewho rushedand destroyedour foundationwith needwith truthwith a risk so recklessit’s no wonderI am alonebaking this breadI always imagined usbaking together—our future so nearI could almost taste it.But we crackedlike these twogolden loavessplit by the heat—split down the middleleaving us scarredhardenedseparatedlikeContinue reading “Mea Culpa”

Drinking in the Past

I click into our archives—pull up a video of youfive months ago,a shot glass in your hand,your face emotionless,beautiful.Your chin rises,and the tequila flowsinto your emptiness.You never smilein this ten-second clip.You are serious.You are alonein your housein your kitchenin the cityyou have no desire to leave.Days before I wrecked you,this was your gift—this recordingthis answerthisContinue reading “Drinking in the Past”

I Was the One

There were 365 daysin 2017and right in the middlewas July 31stand there were millionsof other womenhe could have foundor showed interest in—be infatuated by—fall in love with—but I was the onewho asked himif he wanted to come with meto the woodsto see the beauty I had found there—to share the joy of my discovery—and heContinue reading “I Was the One”