57 Abbreviated Memories, No Particular Order

1. Frogfest 2. Camerina tequila 3. Peppy Grill 4. Food faces 5. Rusty Dutch oven 6. Blue streamers 7. Black I Wonder sign 8. Vile of mud 9. Melody Inn 10. Bicycle escapes 11. Sitting on a sycamore 12. White t-shirt 13. Art show surprise visit 14. Skin cancer 15. Concert at the Murat 16.Continue reading “57 Abbreviated Memories, No Particular Order”


You are homelessmotherlesswithout a name—I have been so unkind to you—always filling the feedersfor the nuthatches and finches—oiled sunflower seeds out of your reach,the metal squirrel-guarddoing a fine job keeping you out.For the past three days, rain.Your gray coat has turned blackwith the paint of water.I am warm, under shelter.I have too much to eatandContinue reading “Squirrel”


Twenty yearsbehind her, beneath her.Under her is the past.It’s hers.It was easy until it was hard.It’s the wish of her parentsthat she join thembut her wish will override theirs.She will forfeit the purple balloonsthe white cakethe perfectly wrapped giftsand let the blue cloudless daysurround hercomfort herremind hershe doesn’t have to be like them.She doesn’t haveContinue reading “Twenty”

Death Suit

He’s still alive, healthy—years, I hope, from stopping,though he’s slowing down.We are moving the thingsmy mother lovedto storage or Goodwill.We are moving himfrom one dwelling to another—one on wheels,so he can take the rest of his lifeon the road—away,and back to my mother,who has almost forgottenthat she’s been marriedalmost 60 yearsto a man named Charles—aContinue reading “Death Suit”

Unsent Letter To My Lover Who Left Me

I knewyou were not coming backknew you’d moved past our loveinto somethingor someoneI couldn’t comprehendso when he did those thingsyou used to doto hold my attentionto make me laughI began to let him inslowlyreluctantlycautiouslyknowing I’d take from himwhat I only wanted from you—but he knewhow to touch meopen meenter meremove youput you in the drawerwhereContinue reading “Unsent Letter To My Lover Who Left Me”

In the After

What a strange burdento be lovedby the wrong person—by someone who wants nothing morethan to deliver you into happiness,to sit close to you,to be taken seriously by you,to be taken with youto your secret places—into the woods, or onto the river.They would give anythingto know you, please you—to be taken into the night with you,intoContinue reading “In the After”