57 Abbreviated Memories, No Particular Order

1. Frogfest

2. Camerina tequila

3. Peppy Grill

4. Food faces

5. Rusty Dutch oven

6. Blue streamers

7. Black I Wonder sign

8. Vile of mud

9. Melody Inn

10. Bicycle escapes

11. Sitting on a sycamore

12. White t-shirt

13. Art show surprise visit

14. Skin cancer

15. Concert at the Murat

16. Halloween party

17. Police officer  

18.  Personality test

19. Ten foot highway lines

20. My name in the sand

21. Gallery 924

22. Stick shift tutorial

23. Baked wheat cake

24. Bleeding hearts

25. Sushi kiss

26. Museum of Art

27. Central library

28. Total Eclipse of the Heart

29. Dollhouse in flames

30. LICK

31. Pink vintage shirt

32. Louisville

33. Hike at Fort Ben

34. Tarot cards

35. Midnight granola

36. Office tour

37. Carved heart

38. The Shape of Water, back row

39. Wobbly-table credit-card fixer

40. Two pencil drawings

41. Frisbee

42. Dragonfly wing

43. Neighborhood Christmas lights

44. Tabasco chocolate

45. Unexpected gunshot

46. Foot race in Fountain Square

47. Espresso

48. Coffee creamer

49. Silly socks

50. Engagement party

51. Black bean burgers

52. Picking paint colors

53. Pressed collars

54. Spiral notebook crown

55. Toilet paper streamers

56. Everything at the JW Mariott

57. The tiny art of US

Published by demarisgaunt

I currently live in Greenwood, Indiana. I love to listen to music, books on CD, podcasts or NPR as I work in my studio.  My favorite artists are Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. I love poetry, but only the good stuff that isn’t so abstract I can’t understand it. Abstraction better lends itself to visual art, I think. Stephen Dunn is my favorite poet. He’s said just about anything that can be said about the inner workings of the heart and mind. My favorite novel is Atonement by Ian McEwan. My all time favorite band is The Cure. I love science, and anything that relates to how the mind works. I don’t believe in the supernatural. If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be Richard Dawkins or Steven Pinker. If you don’t buy my art or read my poetry, buy one of their books. It will enrich if not change your life.  My favorite things to do are hiking, kayaking and camping. My favorite food is so common, I’ll keep you in suspense (It starts with a P). I prefer chocolate to vanilla. Green is my favorite color. I have an aversion to planning or scheduling of any kind, and I live for spontaneous adventures! Telephone conversations make me anxious, and I avoid them at almost all cost. I had a happy childhood. I’m having a pretty fantastic adulthood. I have every intention of seeing my 100th birthday, after which I will happily relinquish my guts to the future of medicine. Cheers! ~DeMaris

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