Hiis the word I looked forward toalmost dailythe ding firstthen the black texton the white screenHiI’d type backand then we were connectedgrinningwishing it was differenteasierless complicatedI wanted you to be hereyou wanted meto hurt lesswhile you figured things outand the waiting was an oceanwe filled with wordsjokeshopethe lowdown on our daysthat we’d have to spendContinue reading “Anchor”

The Blame

The same womancan offer all her loveto two people—can be loved by one,hated by the other—known by one,unknown to the other—and the measureof her soul might begood and lovingto the whole of thosewho know her character—but one thing she didin the name of loveis enough to exclude herfrom forgivenessby the one who feelsthe bitterness andContinue reading “The Blame”


Do you rememberhow I always hated itwhen people began a sentence with, “Look…” Look… sounds so condescendingrighteous—as if we are all about to be schooledon how things really are—how things ought to beor how they ought to have been. Look… is how I’d like to begin the sentenceI’d like to say to you. And itContinue reading “Look”

What Will it Be?

You must continue to wake upmake your bedcoffeemow the lawnwater the flowersexercisecreateselleatthrive smile if you caneven though your heart is heavyeven though your heart is hamburgereven though you are in a kind of limbowaiting for something to happenwaiting for prophesiesto be fulfilled—waitingis what you do bestyou’re a proa champa good sportin pursuit of the prizetheContinue reading “What Will it Be?”

In the Garden

Today, silence.No radio or musicstreamingthrough my headphones.Just soundless memoriesand daydreamsfloating peacefullyin the breezeabove the flowersI’m planting.It’s hard to believein the simplicity ofwater and sunand this soft dry earth—that they combineto make a homefor every flowerfruit and tree.Every yearseeds are droppedor sownby accident or by birdor on purposeby handwith the intention of beautyor food or shade.HowContinue reading “In the Garden”

Nothing in Return

He sworeI sworeLoveWas the thingThe stringBetween usUnbreakableStrongFragileSafeEven whenIt couldn’t yetBe stitchedInto the quiltThat would coverProtectWarmOur nightsAfter these daysMonthsYearsPassLike a needleInto my patienceWhich isMy promisePuncturedIn tactWaitingWith nothingIn returnBut this hope. DeMaris5-15-2021

Constellation of Us

The front seatwas a perfect world of darkness—the glow of the street lamplike a moonguiding your handcontrolling my tidesand you found every treasureburied under my clothes—you didn’t want me to touch youyetuntil you were finisheduntil my desire was so heavyI could hardly open my eyesafter the connectionbetween our lips was lostand thenthere was the ungracefulContinue reading “Constellation of Us”

The Thing You Want

The thing you want to dois get to himor find him on the roadheading in your directionon footor on wheelsit doesn’t matter howyou find his skinor whereit’s been so longsince you’ve studiedhis brown eyesit would be so easyfor yours to fill with tearsat the sight of himstanding thereanywhereas long as he is on his waytoContinue reading “The Thing You Want”