We would have been silent in our big hammock side by side, listening to the funny way crickets call out for love.The fire would blaze up then fade again taking its time incinerating the weeds we would have pulled from the garden this afternoon.My favorite part would have been watching the bats dancing in silhouettedContinue reading “Tonight”

If You Were Here

“What should I do about painting the house?” I’d ask you tonight, if you were here. Should I go with paint or stain, to preserve it? Should I cover the cedar with something beige or gray or restore the natural color with a power wash and then a clear-coat? And this would become the kindContinue reading “If You Were Here”

My Estranged Relationship with Hope

I read a poem online. It was about loss. It wasn’t good. I write bad poems too, so I don’t judge the confusion of others who do the same thing I do to cope grieve lose, ungracefully, everything. This life is easy before it’s hard. But it was hard before it was easy. It’s aContinue reading “My Estranged Relationship with Hope”

A Brief History of Us

We are together in the background of a thousand photos, in the archives of others, where we exist at least once as the happy couple holding hands kissing under the streetlights in Fountain Square. Surely we make a short appearance in a video someone took at the Tash Sultana concert when my arms were reachingContinue reading “A Brief History of Us”

Unwanted Items

Daily, I rewind wonder what I didn’t do or what I did to cause this total separation— entire hours go by my head on the pillow reviewing reliving evaluating absolutely everything— and I think maybe I shouldn’t have said I could be happy living in a vanmaybe I shouldn’t have talked so kindly to theContinue reading “Unwanted Items”

Lunch at the Steer-In

So much charm since 1960 diversity color turquoise paint, peeling the kind of place you and I would have loved to find— you could have taken a bite of my grilled cheese eaten half my fries but you weren’t the one sitting across from me charming the waitress you were the subject I didn’t bringContinue reading “Lunch at the Steer-In”