Saturday Night in September

I text, you call. We are together like old times one last time out in my backyard. All these trees, I gave you— all these trees— they could have been yours. You answer all my questions, satisfy my constant curiosity about your life, post-me post-us post-so-much-love. I hold you carry you pace up and downContinue reading “Saturday Night in September”

September Grieving

We all have them: questions. Like, shouldn’t I be okay by now? Am I normal? Abnormal? Can I at least fit in when it’s going to matter? At the grocery store, say, or at the library, or as I greet the neighbors when we arrive simultaneously at the row of mailboxes? Is it okay, IContinue reading “September Grieving”

What We Have

Outside, the light is fading behind a powdery blue sky darkening with every growl of thunder. I am a still-life in the woods, shelter not far away. The rain is deciding whether or not to fall. The breeze is getting frantic. The birds are discussing where to hide. The dream of him is keeping meContinue reading “What We Have”


It will never be as clearas that black smokehow much relief was born that day,or in what form:the beatings finally over,the incurable sickness inoculated,the dull shame of loving the wrong genderforever buriedin the breakable steel. You must believe that marriagesheaded for ruinwere spared the public disgraceand the private divisions—the children blessedto be left with nothingtoContinue reading “Otherwise”

Just One Of Those Nights We Dreamed Of

Tonight would have been fun, different. We would have sat outside on the deck under the string of soft yellow lights substituting for stars, and watched the hummingbirds quarrel without apologies. I would have thanked you so much for the day you spent working so hard to put a small roof over the table whereContinue reading “Just One Of Those Nights We Dreamed Of”

I Could Always Tell You Anything

I could tell you about the darkness about the coyotes the anti-silence beneath the stars the peace I felt without light. I could tell you about the dog that chased the fear into my steps as I walked along the road at midnight. I could tell you about the decision I made to turn around—Continue reading “I Could Always Tell You Anything”