Tradition of Bias on the Drive Home

Tradition of Bias on the Drive Home We agree the Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful— the turkey, perfection the rolls, divine— the variety of indulgences colored the countertop like a mosaic and we consumed everything with the hunger of the starved. The homemade apple pie, gone, before we finished our heaping plates, but it was okayContinue reading “Tradition of Bias on the Drive Home”

Watching You Shave

Remember the lightin the bathroom?The one on the accordion arm? A twelve-inch illuminated circlewith a magnifying mirrorin the middle— we were like children in awegigglingcould see every poreeyelashlinein our skinbut we couldn’t see the linebeginning to separate usthe line we crossedto arrive in that hotelwhere the next morningI sat on the side of the tubwatchedContinue reading “Watching You Shave”

Oh, Ocean ~ Part II

Oh, Ocean ~ Part II As I walked toward you for our last evening stroll I started to feel the melancholy of saying goodbye. Our days passed so quickly didn’t they? I will miss the offerings you pushed onto the shore just for me— the broken, imperfect shells and sand dollars— you realized I likeContinue reading “Oh, Ocean ~ Part II”

Oh, Ocean

Oh, Ocean I got to know you the way a woman gets to know a lover she will never trust. I saw you every morning, casually. Liked the way you teased me, tried to touch me. But I was out of reach until I saw something I wanted, walked closer, let you have me forContinue reading “Oh, Ocean”

My Best Damn-Good Advice

My Best Damn-Good Advice I believe now is the time when my experience and hard-won understanding permit me to say to the young: don’t ever ever under any circumstances fall in love and expect it to last survive look feel taste like the perfection you never believed you’d find. I assure you— love can surviveContinue reading “My Best Damn-Good Advice”

You Were the World

You Were the World To me, you were the world: All. Everything. Beautiful. Good. But you were bad too, for me. Bad because you said you knew what you wanted when you didn’t. Bad because you couldn’t ever say yes or no— so you spun out of control until everything you needed lost gravity. EveryContinue reading “You Were the World”

American Contrarians

American Contrarians Understand why we don’t understand.We are full-belliedwith a refrigerator full of greens and meats,most of which will be shit-cannedafter the expiration date stings us with the reminder that, once again,we failed to live responsibly— failed not to waste almost everything. Still, we commit to making the worlda slightly better place.There are two carsContinue reading “American Contrarians”

My Son Calls Me Plato

My Son Calls Me Plato Before I go to the grocery I always ask him “anything you want?” and always every time he says “shakes”— you know, the breakfast kind chocolate pack of twelve I say no way every time— it’s become a joke an affectionate game because I always come home with something healthyContinue reading “My Son Calls Me Plato”

Death Card

Death Card Two years ago tonight the tarot cards told me no but the reader told me there was room for interpretation. You were there across the room waiting your turn. No one knew we were together together or that later that night we would have to explain to the police officer’s bright light whatContinue reading “Death Card”

5:47 a.m.

5:47 a.m. Every fucking goddamn morning like clockwork my head on my pillow dreaming the sweetest of dreams when the barking pierces my slumber breaks into my consciousness jabs me into the most irritated state causes me to grit my teeth consider the guns some people used to assault this kind of problem back inContinue reading “5:47 a.m.”