Legs What a great fortune it is that I have them— strong able willing to carry me miles at a time through the woods along the beach down the sidewalk into and out of the grocery store the museum the theater— they can run dance jump kick lift bend they are shaved smooth the colorContinue reading “Legs”

Screaming into a Paper Cup

Screaming into a Paper Cup By DeMaris GauntCover art by CR Leyland “Time Standing Outdoor Cafe” 2014 Sometimes I wonder if you ever drove past my house when you were down here visiting Kathy at school. Were you curious to see if there was ever a second car in my driveway? There wasn’t. After you,Continue reading “Screaming into a Paper Cup”

Programming Failures

Programming Failures I get in the car, turn on the radio to keep listening to the program I was listening to in the house before I had to run this errand. I am captivated by the story on NPR— a man blind since his 14th year climbed Mount Everest. I was hanging on every word,Continue reading “Programming Failures”

Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing After he moved back in temporarily after he sold his house and was looking for a new one we went right back into the routine that I once found claustrophobic tedious   boring never quite oppressive. But the years apart informed methat the routine would follow me anywhere— that no one else wouldContinue reading “Temporary Housing”