Pill Bottle

Amber plasticthe color of sicknesswhite lid fixed in positionto keep its contentsout of the mouths of childrenor anyonewithout the ability to summona moment of herculean strengthto press twist release the prescriptioninto the open palm of a handthat will deliver into the moutha remedy or a cureor merely a temporary reprievefrom a pulsing painwhere the heartContinue reading “Pill Bottle”

In the Afterlife

In the Afterlife Oh sure, life went on. Sometimes, even often, it was beautiful. There were curiosities explored, facts accumulated into knowledge of this or that— interesting things, after all, were the things he was always after. There were days yellow as daffodils— days so capacious he worshipped all their possibilities— and it made senseContinue reading “In the Afterlife”

Brewpub Confessional

Anyone who saw him would notice the care he took at the mirror would appreciate the fine choice he lifted from the hanger in his closet would be aware and maybe annoyed by his appearance, his beauty made finer by the gray in his hair and to anyone watching him at the table with hisContinue reading “Brewpub Confessional”

New Everything

New Everything Knowing now the depth of some mistakes he made he said goodbye to the house the dog the wife the child made his way across town to the new apartment granite countertops everything more modern than what he left behind even the couch inherited from a friend is more comfortable than the oneContinue reading “New Everything”


I don’t want to changeanythingabout the way I am—what I want to changeis the way I am notquite fittinginto this worldthat no longer contains you—the worldthat’s been emptiedof our collective joy and hope—what I want is a new yearthat will be withoutlanguishinglonginglamenting the loss of our lovethat I am certainwould have lasted foreverif I hadn’tContinue reading “Resolution”