Backseat Love Song

I wish you wouldakept your lies to yourselfwhen I had you in the backseatI woulda given it to you anywayI woulda loved you anywaybut you told me you were mineit was just a matter of timeit was just a matter of timeyou coulda had me in the backseatyou coulda saved mefrom believing you loved mebutContinue reading “Backseat Love Song”

The Getaway

Hoteloldwallsthinmidnightmoonslices a white gashonto the floorloversin the roomnext to minesinga holy songif I didn’t know bettermight sound like painair conditionerkicks onswallowssoundfour pillowslined upagainst my bodylonelyruinedtransformedinto somethinghe will neverreturn to. ***** DeMaris9-11-2020 “Summer Interior” by Edward Hopper, 1909


I am part of the story he will tellin the recording studioin the basement of his friend’s housewhere music is the balmof all maladiesthat linger in the spirit—he will tell his friend everythingexcept the truthwhich is the part of the storythat belongs to me—I am the song stuck in his headon repeatdriving him mad, drivingContinue reading “Stuck”

Into the River She Fell

Note: A while back, a singer/songwriter friend asked if I’d like to collaborate on some music. Hell, yeah! His style is very bluegrass and folksy, so I wrote these lyrics with his particular style in mind. I’m very excited to see what music he comes up with to accompany my lyrics! Into the River SheContinue reading “Into the River She Fell”