I Still Feel It

A little differently. A little less. This is how I love you now— now that time has made a fool of us, of me, of you, you, who loved me as completely as I loved you— but you couldn’t find a way to undo unravel untangle the bramble of every choice you made before yourContinue reading “I Still Feel It”

I Was Right

When we were we— in love so deep we couldn’t see a way out, I would memorize the way your chest felt beneath my hand, the way your neck contoured my breath— the warmth of love settling into permanence. I knew, in those moments, everything the world had to teach me. I knew nothing wouldContinue reading “I Was Right”

In the Afterlife

In the Afterlife Oh sure, life went on. Sometimes, even often, it was beautiful. There were curiosities explored, facts accumulated into knowledge of this or that— interesting things, after all, were the things he was always after. There were days yellow as daffodils— days so capacious he worshipped all their possibilities— and it made senseContinue reading “In the Afterlife”

Brewpub Confessional

Anyone who saw him would notice the care he took at the mirror would appreciate the fine choice he lifted from the hanger in his closet would be aware and maybe annoyed by his appearance, his beauty made finer by the gray in his hair and to anyone watching him at the table with hisContinue reading “Brewpub Confessional”

New Everything

New Everything Knowing now the depth of some mistakes he made he said goodbye to the house the dog the wife the child made his way across town to the new apartment granite countertops everything more modern than what he left behind even the couch inherited from a friend is more comfortable than the oneContinue reading “New Everything”

Screaming into a Paper Cup

Screaming into a Paper Cup By DeMaris GauntCover art by CR Leyland “Time Standing Outdoor Cafe” 2014 Sometimes I wonder if you ever drove past my house when you were down here visiting Kathy at school. Were you curious to see if there was ever a second car in my driveway? There wasn’t. After you,Continue reading “Screaming into a Paper Cup”

My Best Damn-Good Advice

My Best Damn-Good Advice I believe now is the time when my experience and hard-won understanding permit me to say to the young: don’t ever ever under any circumstances fall in love and expect it to last survive look feel taste like the perfection you never believed you’d find. I assure you— love can surviveContinue reading “My Best Damn-Good Advice”

Pillar of Stone

Pillar of Stone Grief has set like concrete in my heart and there is nothing no one to soften what you made hard what you did was wicked cunning evil what you did was open me up fill me with the shape of your body then leave me with beautiful promises heavy as stones soContinue reading “Pillar of Stone”

A Brief History of Us

We are together in the background of a thousand photos, in the archives of others, where we exist at least once as the happy couple holding hands kissing under the streetlights in Fountain Square. Surely we make a short appearance in a video someone took at the Tash Sultana concert when my arms were reachingContinue reading “A Brief History of Us”

I Won’t Go

I could go— sit for a while in the small meadow, walk along the creek, admire the sunflowers and the pink and purple phlox, but I wouldn’t find what I’d be looking for— those elusive treefrogs, green, like my envy for what will never be mine. There is joy enough remembering what else I foundContinue reading “I Won’t Go”