For peace, she is willing to take a pill every day that will take away her pleasures her poetry her creativity because it will also take away want and wish and turn love into something benign, undesired— something she used to be capable of. DeMaris 3-10-2022

Pill Bottle

Amber plasticthe color of sicknesswhite lid fixed in positionto keep its contentsout of the mouths of childrenor anyonewithout the ability to summona moment of herculean strengthto press twist release the prescriptioninto the open palm of a handthat will deliver into the moutha remedy or a cureor merely a temporary reprievefrom a pulsing painwhere the heartContinue reading “Pill Bottle”

Elegy for a Damn Good Mother: An Explanation

We all hated it that mom had a closet full of clothes with the tags still on shoes never worn a set of wedding China unused in the cupboards a diamond tennis bracelet worn approximately once a home built for entertaining never filled with guests drawers of blank stationery that never got the chance toContinue reading “Elegy for a Damn Good Mother: An Explanation”

Just a Little Lost

Anthony Bourdain. Kate Spade. Robin Williams. Chris Cornell. Suicide by hanging, all. There are others, of course. Many famous, even more not famous. My first reaction after the shock and sadness for their families is, “Balls of steel.” My default position has never been to blame them. Or to accuse them of selfishness. Or toContinue reading “Just a Little Lost”

I Am Not

Today I am not a hawk— I am something else. I cannot fly high enough to become confident that the ground will not crash into me after the wind picks up and lifts my featherless hopes into the darkening sky.   DeMaris Gaunt 1-1-16    

Anxiety Problem

You might have a problem with anxiety if you daydream about how nice it would be if a car or a semi truck rear ended you on the way to the soirée where you will be expected to do nothing but speak about the things you love which should be easy because all you needContinue reading “Anxiety Problem”