Earth Day

I’ve come to tell you something about the earth something about this day the sun my god— MY GOD! the sun rose again and so did I— and how magnificent it is that I am a spectator of the goldfinch the nuthatch the Carolina wren—the song of life ringing in my ears— the vision ofContinue reading “Earth Day”

What We Have

Outside, the light is fading behind a powdery blue sky darkening with every growl of thunder. I am a still-life in the woods, shelter not far away. The rain is deciding whether or not to fall. The breeze is getting frantic. The birds are discussing where to hide. The dream of him is keeping meContinue reading “What We Have”

Metaphor on the Fate of Abused Women

The tufted titmousewho lost a wingflits aroundunder the feederhoping for seed to fallfrom on high I tried yesterdayand the day beforeto gain trustto show her my handsfull of seed just for her I sit nowten feet awayand watch as she waitsfor other birdswith two wingsto drop mercy from their beaks when all she has toContinue reading “Metaphor on the Fate of Abused Women”

Separation Failure

Elsewhere— fighting protests protests against protests storms storms in the form of weather employment emotion health conflict conflict everywhere lovers raging screaming dissolving disappointing marriages ending walls going up separating separating need from plenty even the birds compete over the abundant seed but here— you and I are floating past the past your gentle handsContinue reading “Separation Failure”

Holding Together

I am sitting alone in the kitchen I built eating fresh blueberries listening to the birds reconcile their feelings for me as they enjoy the seed but remember the trees that once held their homes I can hear those trees coming down falling over creating a moment of static in the crushed branches I canContinue reading “Holding Together”


The sparrows finches chickadees— all of them know his kindness is reliable even when, especially when cold, frost and snow cover their world in difficulty— they know where to find his love poured into the feeders outside his windows— they taste it in the suet he prepared and stuffed into the vacancies of a fallenContinue reading “Sparrows”

Imaginary Birds

I’m looking into the sky hoping I never see what I imagine as large foreign birds black bodies with elaborate red tails and streamlined yellow wings soaring high and then diving headlong into millions of futures they were sent to disable and destroy.             DeMaris 11-30-17


He was just a little bird caged in your love for 13 years by accident because he ended up eating the prairie dropseed outside your window and you knew he wouldn’t last long without some kind of domestication from which he must have escaped so you lifted him into your life and when he diedContinue reading “Sporobolus”

Waiting Room

I am not impatient this time waiting for my turn to lay back in the chair and open wide— there are children whispering loudly and bells dangling from the door announcing everyone’s exit and entry but it all goes on without me like the volume is turned way down on just another reality TV show—Continue reading “Waiting Room”


  No one thinks to themselves how awful when these creatures fly at each other with violence in their wings— with slender beaks nipping snipping fighting for the nectar of the honeysuckle and columbine— we accept that survival is a good excuse to be greedy, and because they are beautiful in their metallic green dressContinue reading “Hummingbirds”