Allegory of the Fence

It’s been two years since the storm took down the tree which broke off the top rail of a six foot section of fence that surrounds the large field where the brown horse stands in all weather watching the birds and the mice and roaming slowly along the perimeter grazing on what it must knowContinue reading “Allegory of the Fence”

You Were the World

You Were the World To me, you were the world: All. Everything. Beautiful. Good. But you were bad too, for me. Bad because you said you knew what you wanted when you didn’t. Bad because you couldn’t ever say yes or no— so you spun out of control until everything you needed lost gravity. EveryContinue reading “You Were the World”


  You never think STOP when you’re speeding toward something beautiful like a sky full of storms— all you see is the lightning drawing spectacular designs on the horizon inviting you closer— never mind the pencil is electricity and to hold it would be an act of defiance and stupidity— all you want is toContinue reading “Stop”


  It feels like I’ve said almost everything I can about the way I love you— the way it feels warm to have you in the center of my heart— and how happy I am to wake up next to that smile of yours even if it’s just a picture of us together on ourContinue reading “Photograph”


Our lives expand like the controlled stretching of a rubber band that snaps at the end— and in between our beginning and our end when breath is taken for granted there is time for music and art and walks in the woods with pleasant company— and there are the regular joys like sweets and babiesContinue reading “Restraint”

Three Colors

“There is more than one way to see the world,” is what I learned, finally, in college.  A painting class. Before I heard my professor speak those words, I lived in a tiny home with tiny parents— and we went to a tiny church with tiny ideas. I didn’t have permission to peek outside theContinue reading “Three Colors”