I Still Feel It

A little differently. A little less. This is how I love you now— now that time has made a fool of us, of me, of you, you, who loved me as completely as I loved you— but you couldn’t find a way to undo unravel untangle the bramble of every choice you made before yourContinue reading “I Still Feel It”

Allegory of the Fence

It’s been two years since the storm took down the tree which broke off the top rail of a six foot section of fence that surrounds the large field where the brown horse stands in all weather watching the birds and the mice and roaming slowly along the perimeter grazing on what it must knowContinue reading “Allegory of the Fence”

You Were the World

You Were the World To me, you were the world: All. Everything. Beautiful. Good. But you were bad too, for me. Bad because you said you knew what you wanted when you didn’t. Bad because you couldn’t ever say yes or no— so you spun out of control until everything you needed lost gravity. EveryContinue reading “You Were the World”

Therapy Session

For the price of gasolineI drove my broken heart northto be examined by a friendwho has experiencein how to live through themand she fed me leftovers and wineplaced a kitten on my laplistened before she spokeand didn’t tell me what to doshe just asked if you brought me joyand I said more than I’d everContinue reading “Therapy Session”


For K. The middle-aged womansits beside her fathers’ bed—devastated and confusedby her own angerthat squeezes his hand too hardafter she learns she was the reasonher parents never divorced—that this man who loved her so muchdidn’t think he’d be forgivenif the love he foundin her sixteenth yearwas given a chance to grow biggerthan the love thatContinue reading “Hindsight”


Today someone somewhere has a week to make a choice— to stay or not to stay to re-up the lease or gamble everything on a job three states away— and someone somewhere has a week to decide between two burdens: student loans or another bleak year flipping burgers every day until midnight — and someoneContinue reading “Deadlines”


Oh miserable universe— proof that beauty is not created by a god— a god who could will into everyone a joy unspeakable, unalterable if that is how he chose to wield his power— instead it is the blistering ordinary of any given day that crushes us beneath its promise to be all we can everContinue reading “Choice”


So rare is the steak before me. Not the rawness but the frequency. I can count the years since I’ve had a steak like this: tender pink the flavor of reward, the taste of a craving finally satisfied. But the price is so high I can’t appreciate the way the seasoning has been perfected overContinue reading “Raw”


Just for him she baked a beautiful cake– multiple tiers icing so white it seemed to glow and there were flowers too– sugar-sweet pastel soft and he was not misled by this facade– he knew that inside was a different kind of sweet– dark– the color of sin– but just when he was sure theContinue reading “Cake”

Deep Winter

You are winter. Stripped down to necessity but not quite barren. Still beautiful. Sometimes I’d even say exquisite. But mostly your warmth isn’t enough to penetrate what is cold in me and even though I long for summer I find it impossible to believe that once it wraps me in its blue skys I won’tContinue reading “Deep Winter”