Earth Day

I’ve come to tell you something about the earth something about this day the sun my god— MY GOD! the sun rose again and so did I— and how magnificent it is that I am a spectator of the goldfinch the nuthatch the Carolina wren—the song of life ringing in my ears— the vision ofContinue reading “Earth Day”


It’s 92 degrees outside and you are chilled to the bone as if your body believes you are at the base of a melting ice cap and you are treading water as it rises saturates drowns you and if it weren’t for the alcohol you’d be frozen solid because he isn’t coming back to warmContinue reading “Glacier”

Climate Change

You are a bird so high above me seeing it all from your god’s eye view and making fair judgments about how best to keep the sky unpolluted and the oceans cool and contained and I watch you from below with admiration and reverence while my ice begins to melt under your sun and IContinue reading “Climate Change”