Allegory of the Fence

It’s been two years since the storm took down the tree which broke off the top rail of a six foot section of fence that surrounds the large field where the brown horse stands in all weather watching the birds and the mice and roaming slowly along the perimeter grazing on what it must knowContinue reading “Allegory of the Fence”

Half Written

There is no campfireno conversationthe depths of whichenlighten our soulsthere is no guitarweeping into the darknessno anticipationto crawl into a tentafter we’ve had our fillof silver pepper starsno promised warmthradiating from me to youfrom you to methere is only the dreamdiminishing slowlythe way I let you inthe way you went outlike a song half writtenstillContinue reading “Half Written”

Sycamore Island

So many golden days layered between today and our sweet afternoon on the fallen sycamore— the one so large we picnicked on its spine and sprawled out across its crumbling contour — and however trite it sounds to say time stood still, it did— and for awhile we floated on an island made of loveContinue reading “Sycamore Island”

Night Walk

No whiskey in the house tonight, so I step outside into October. And down the street, on foot, I am snared by the scents of curry and Mountain Fresh dryer sheets and the lingering mesquite still warm on a charcoal grill. It used to be difficult to put on lace-up shoes and call it exercise,Continue reading “Night Walk”

Free Trial

No. For the next 30 days I do not want unlimited access to the gym or cable TV or the profiles of men and women posing as professionals on LinkedIn. I do not want to exchange the numbers on my credit card for anything that will diminish my happiness when I look into the mirrorContinue reading “Free Trial”


We don’t take them like we used to like we planned to like we promised ourselves we would when we were young and brave and much more beautiful than we thought we were. Risks were never quite as life or death as they are now in this losable house that is paid for, in thisContinue reading “Risks”

The Place Where You Live

For some of you the ache in your body has nothing to do with youth which is what you’ll be told when you’re found on the edge of your bed like an aborted love letter crumpled into a ball. This is the seed of your happiness. This is the beginning of your comprehension. For yearsContinue reading “The Place Where You Live”