Earth Day

I’ve come to tell you something about the earth something about this day the sun my god— MY GOD! the sun rose again and so did I— and how magnificent it is that I am a spectator of the goldfinch the nuthatch the Carolina wren—the song of life ringing in my ears— the vision ofContinue reading “Earth Day”

You Were the World

You Were the World To me, you were the world: All. Everything. Beautiful. Good. But you were bad too, for me. Bad because you said you knew what you wanted when you didn’t. Bad because you couldn’t ever say yes or no— so you spun out of control until everything you needed lost gravity. EveryContinue reading “You Were the World”

Sweet Potatoes

Funny— I don’t know if they are a fruit or a vegetable or a tuber or something else entirely because they look almost alien like something too imperfect to have been born in the earth— but there they are covered in mud like a newborn covered in blood— ugly pink skin over flesh so tough itContinue reading “Sweet Potatoes”

Winter Daydream

My mind likes to wander into your territory sometimes and make believe it’s me in her place holding your hand on the beach or laying next to you in the night listening to the mottled owl screech its warning not to get too close— so I keep my distance even though I can remember yourContinue reading “Winter Daydream”

Metaphor for a Broken Heart

This dull morning is too cold to be beautiful now that the snow has melted into the sound of water trying to return to the earth after it was lifted into the sky where it didn’t belong and where it was never meant to stay             DeMaris 1-2-16   Painting byContinue reading “Metaphor for a Broken Heart”

Walking Away

  Soon we will be over like the autumn and I will watch you depart like a sandhill crane making its way toward a more reliable warmth. The winter will pass quietly and slowly between us and we’ll have no spring thaw to look forward to— no digging up the earth to plant a loveContinue reading “Walking Away”


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~Vincent van Gogh Forget about the wild blue phlox and the evergreens with the little nests tucked neatly into their branches. No one is denying the involuntary awe drawn out of us by canyons so grand they are lined with the history of the earth.Continue reading “Beauty”

The Botanist

I don’t think he knows he’s beautiful— which is lovely and strange and maybe even telling of a kind of innocence that comes from loving wild things better than human things, who sting and wither and grow thorns that can be hard to pull out if his center is as soft and fragile as hisContinue reading “The Botanist”


My two children are laughing in the back seat and I’m behind the wheel of this small enclosure driving 70 miles an hour about to cry because the orangutans were supposed to be the highlight of this summer day— this guilty pleasure of visiting the zoo. Last summer, we peeked through the fence and marveledContinue reading “Cages”

Eulogy for the Unknown Poet

There will be no mention of the poems on the day the poet is covered by the earth because no one will know they exist until the house is entered and the discovery is made of a thousand poems scribbled in notebooks and on scraps of paper stuffed into the bottom dresser drawer. The serviceContinue reading “Eulogy for the Unknown Poet”