Saturday Night Party Game

Couples, singles, friends— an old house immersed in soft music without voice. It is the season of sweaters of fires in fireplaces of colorful wines in long-stemmed glasses small squares of cheese on round crackers olives that taste like you’re in fine company— a group of respectable achievers you admire for reaching the top withContinue reading “Saturday Night Party Game”

My Best Damn-Good Advice

My Best Damn-Good Advice I believe now is the time when my experience and hard-won understanding permit me to say to the young: don’t ever ever under any circumstances fall in love and expect it to last survive look feel taste like the perfection you never believed you’d find. I assure you— love can surviveContinue reading “My Best Damn-Good Advice”

American Contrarians

American Contrarians Understand why we don’t understand.We are full-belliedwith a refrigerator full of greens and meats,most of which will be shit-cannedafter the expiration date stings us with the reminder that, once again,we failed to live responsibly— failed not to waste almost everything. Still, we commit to making the worlda slightly better place.There are two carsContinue reading “American Contrarians”


Things happened that weren’t particularly memorable or wonderful or exciting today— but I was alive with all senses intact, and I smelled the roses in a literal way when a child no more than five ran right into me at the park, fleeing her mother’s disapproval over the handful of wild blossoms she’d picked whileContinue reading “Today”

What We Want

Don’t— don’t give it to me. Do not give it to me. Even though I want it. I want to want it— whatever it is don’t let me have it taste it bruise it ruin it — just let me sit here with it out of reach— my heart singing and burning and longing forContinue reading “What We Want”


You like to think you have it most of the time— that it’s one of your possessions, saved for and bought with experience and time. Does it really matter (you wonder to yourself) if you leave it at home when you know you’ll be seeing her again? And all you want is for her toContinue reading “Control”