Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth The heavy snow stops everything— traffic work school construction lunch dates birthday parties doctor appointments big plans airplanes— but the heavy snow doesn’t stop your mind from running full speed two years into the past when you spent a couple February nights sliding into bed beside a man who loved you so muchContinue reading “Winter Warmth”

How it Ended

Soon—the snow will come again,cover,conquer this landscapewe looked out on togetherso many timesand it will mark another yeargone,lost forever.And I could count on both my handsthe number of timeswe were warmed by one another,the number of times we gave in—even though wrongwas the word for it.And I remember the last time—though I couldn’t have knownitContinue reading “How it Ended”


  My boots were muddy from our walk in the woods and my hands were cold on that February afternoon bright with cumulus clouds demanding their share of the sky and below their gaze we stood face to face with bashful smiles and you took my hands in yours and refused to let me burrowContinue reading “Fires”