Allegory of the Fence

It’s been two years since the storm took down the tree which broke off the top rail of a six foot section of fence that surrounds the large field where the brown horse stands in all weather watching the birds and the mice and roaming slowly along the perimeter grazing on what it must knowContinue reading “Allegory of the Fence”

Peace Day

It is the first day without a pulsing hope that one day soon we will have a joyous reunion— a longed-for embrace on the bank of the small creek running through the woods where we first met. Somehow it doesn’t hurt like I thought it would— I suppose, because nothing has changed in our proximity—Continue reading “Peace Day”


Neat and tidy beds are for beginners who haven’t spent enough time sitting by the open window with a pillow crushed between their chest and knees breathing in the lilac gone wild or the sweet magnolia ashei demanding to be inhaled. Neat and tidy beds are for those who need control over creativity— who believeContinue reading “Beds”


For months, weeks, days you’ve been falling in love with his surface and his pretty eyes and the way he sees the world as a broken toy he’s determined to fix— and you love the sound of his voice teaching you the Latin names of every wildflower and tree that grows along the river— andContinue reading “Breakdown”

Scar Tissue

I must have known all along we would come to this— that you’d retreat into solitude which is where I found you standing alone on all those mountaintops where people go to find themselves— I should have recognized your freedom as your joy— that you were already complete in your solitary state and didn’t needContinue reading “Scar Tissue”


Ivy and league are two words independently definable and somewhat pleasing to the ear, and when we read them together, like green energy or civil liberty, we understand that an improvement has been made— a sort of elevation into what is desirable, even though it might seem out of reach. Invoking education and power andContinue reading “Results”


All morning my hood was up warming my head and muffling sound waves coming from the radio, and my cocoon was pleasant while I thought of horses wearing blinders— those beautiful and powerful animals without a choice. And without moving my head I tried to look left and then right but I could only seeContinue reading “Impediment”