Pattern of Freeze and Thaw

Another springblooms greenin that space between blue skyand brown soil,which is like a lessonsome of us must learnagain and again—that something like happinesswill come,stay a while—and maybe that happinesswill have warm handsand a sunshine smile—still,no matter how good it feelsto grow and expand,to encompassone singular beauty—we are the thorns,the hurt things,the cuttable rose, already cut,ever-fixedContinue reading “Pattern of Freeze and Thaw”

Last First Day

Together we made his bed on the last day of the year in a room in a house that belonged to his friend and the white sheets spotted with wildflowers would become the only garden we would ever have a chance to lie down in because this country wasn’t his home anymore and the planeContinue reading “Last First Day”


To get to your smile I wrecked two homes mine first then yours uprooting years of complacency years of good enough and I knew you might disappoint me might be nothing like a fairy tale and you are nothing like a fairy tale but I am as far away from disappointed as Jack when heContinue reading “Zucchini”

What I Want

Very little, really. If one hundred years is too much to ask I’ll settle for another four seasons as long as I can live the way I want to live which is bravely and in sharp contrast to the years I’ve timidly resigned myself to the notion that I am the one who must beContinue reading “What I Want”

Mother’s Day

Children— each of you, listen. I love you all. All three of you, who have aroused in me a unique and independent love— three different loves all rooted in the womb of blood and warmth. How many days have we buried in the soil of years? Can you see how much good has grown evenContinue reading “Mother’s Day”