Pattern of Freeze and Thaw

Another springblooms greenin that space between blue skyand brown soil,which is like a lessonsome of us must learnagain and again—that something like happinesswill come,stay a while—and maybe that happinesswill have warm handsand a sunshine smile—still,no matter how good it feelsto grow and expand,to encompassone singular beauty—we are the thorns,the hurt things,the cuttable rose, already cut,ever-fixedContinue reading “Pattern of Freeze and Thaw”


First time was in preschool he and I were only 4 years old after which my heart needed to take a break until it felt stronger more mature better equipped to handle rejection and the boy who lived down the street when I was 12 years old was the apple of my eye until heContinue reading “Loves”

The Girl

The girl he loves more than anything in the world sits on the couch across the room reading a book on ancient history she’s in love with a boy he knows will break her heart sooner or later because love rarely sticks when the bodies involved aren’t even eighteen so what can he do butContinue reading “The Girl”


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~Vincent van Gogh Forget about the wild blue phlox and the evergreens with the little nests tucked neatly into their branches. No one is denying the involuntary awe drawn out of us by canyons so grand they are lined with the history of the earth.Continue reading “Beauty”


Gods. Stories. Paper. The printing press. But long before machines there was the wheel and all those tools born in fire. Sharp things first then bullets and coins— two devices with a kind of power to separate life from the living almost as completely as those pesky fairy-tales that insist they are real and resistContinue reading “Inventions”

Just Below the Surface

In a parallel universe or on a future day, perhaps, I’d like to tell you how much I’ve loved the ones who came before you— maybe sit down at the table with the shoebox full of love letters you know nothing about and rifle through my history of loss that made our love possible— andContinue reading “Just Below the Surface”

In Pieces

What value has an ancient vase? Japanese or Native American— it doesn’t matter which dynasty, or what tribe— the maker and admirers are long dead and not even their ghosts attempt to quarrel with our judgments. And what if— at the museum, behind the glass case, the balance is compromised by a shaking of earthContinue reading “In Pieces”

For My Daughter: A Short History of Your Existence

For My Daughter: A Short History of Your Existence  There she is: that pretty girl standing with my boyfriend at the Cincinnati Zoo, his arm around her like no one is watching.   A friend showed me the photograph as proof that she was beautiful. I nodded slowly to agree and noted that she mustContinue reading “For My Daughter: A Short History of Your Existence”