Saturday Night Party Game

Couples, singles, friends— an old house immersed in soft music without voice. It is the season of sweaters of fires in fireplaces of colorful wines in long-stemmed glasses small squares of cheese on round crackers olives that taste like you’re in fine company— a group of respectable achievers you admire for reaching the top withContinue reading “Saturday Night Party Game”

Nothing Left to Say

Funny to have nothing left to say to have said it all everything I feel out there in black and white my heart gushing onto a screen resting in my lovers’ hand all the right words have been polished in the tumbler of my heart poured out into this silence that will keep me awakeContinue reading “Nothing Left to Say”

How to Love an Introvert Part V

He destroyed you once again with his honest words— with the explanation you asked for then begged for, hoping to hear it again, differently, as if maybe you misheard him the first time when he said, “Weekends are enough for me.” as if maybe he really said they aren’t. But because the frequency of yourContinue reading “How to Love an Introvert Part V”


You, my pretty love, are an experiment— you are a pillar starting out perfect and I am going to carve you with an honesty so sharp only diaries and priests are accustomed to such clean cuts such unadulterated truths and I can’t wait to see if you’re still standing after you know everything I’ve everContinue reading “Experiment”


We haven’t exactly agreed on what they are since we began in friendship months ago but it’s clear that making love (or maybe it was just sex to you) isn’t going to be the beautiful connection that causes your desire to lean in my direction or provoke an honest conversation with the woman you claimContinue reading “Terms”


It’s noble to want truth to be the order of the day when your heart has gone a little mad over someone new— but it might be best to keep it to yourself for a while, instead of confessing every feeling, every meeting (even that unexpected kiss) you weren’t supposed to have— because time isContinue reading “Hesitation”

Inside the Cave

With you, I want to go cave-deep without an artificial light. Our eyes would become useless in a darkness that required touch. I just want to rest my voice for a little while, and listen to yours— I want you to tell me everything you’d like to be known— what fulfills and diminishes you, whereContinue reading “Inside the Cave”


First it was you. Then me, because first it was you. Then me again. Then you. Now we pretend that communication is our glue because we can still talk about the way so many are duped by their belief that love is something more than what we have here— floating somewhere between and all around us.  Continue reading “Astray”

Eulogy for the Unknown Poet

There will be no mention of the poems on the day the poet is covered by the earth because no one will know they exist until the house is entered and the discovery is made of a thousand poems scribbled in notebooks and on scraps of paper stuffed into the bottom dresser drawer. The serviceContinue reading “Eulogy for the Unknown Poet”