Pattern of Freeze and Thaw

Another springblooms greenin that space between blue skyand brown soil,which is like a lessonsome of us must learnagain and again—that something like happinesswill come,stay a while—and maybe that happinesswill have warm handsand a sunshine smile—still,no matter how good it feelsto grow and expand,to encompassone singular beauty—we are the thorns,the hurt things,the cuttable rose, already cut,ever-fixedContinue reading “Pattern of Freeze and Thaw”

5:47 a.m.

5:47 a.m. Every fucking goddamn morning like clockwork my head on my pillow dreaming the sweetest of dreams when the barking pierces my slumber breaks into my consciousness jabs me into the most irritated state causes me to grit my teeth consider the guns some people used to assault this kind of problem back inContinue reading “5:47 a.m.”

Morning Coffee

Chill winter morning coffee in hand warms your lips your tongue your belly your gut empty filled only with longing with memories of his body next to yours his body gone his body tender with love that melts when you close your eyes your eyes that bleed tears salty bittersweet oh, how you wish forContinue reading “Morning Coffee”

Job Security

Never mind the fact that you are in a position of privilege and have choices to make about where to dine on Saturday night and what kind of hardwood to use for your cabinets in the new kitchen you are able to afford and forget about the sultry and exotic places you’ll travel to inContinue reading “Job Security”

On the Floor

The man admires the woman who is puckered up posing in a tight black dress slit up the thigh standing at a flattering angle in what appears to be a bathroom so public the trash can is overflowing– but the man doesn’t care about the brown paper towels and mascara stained tissues on the floorContinue reading “On the Floor”

Mushroom Cloud

The days that separate us are long and large and almost empty compared to the few days here and there when we are together talking listening laughing— and your warmth always finds me envelops me enters me causes a nuclear explosion a mushroom cloud of feeling spreading from my core to my edges and whenContinue reading “Mushroom Cloud”

Modern Complexity

Days like this remind you how silly it is to get too comfortable with his skin next to yours since you can be turned inside out so easily when he reminds you in an innocent and flippant kind of way that you’re not the only one he loves or likes to please— and because youContinue reading “Modern Complexity”


  No one thinks to themselves how awful when these creatures fly at each other with violence in their wings— with slender beaks nipping snipping fighting for the nectar of the honeysuckle and columbine— we accept that survival is a good excuse to be greedy, and because they are beautiful in their metallic green dressContinue reading “Hummingbirds”

The Dawn of Man

The stick. How long did it lie on the ground before some freshly-human being picked it up and reached into the tree with an astonishing new arm— straight and long with an accurate aim? The fruit fell down. How long before it caught on— until everyone else saw the sense in it? The way itContinue reading “The Dawn of Man”


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~Vincent van Gogh Forget about the wild blue phlox and the evergreens with the little nests tucked neatly into their branches. No one is denying the involuntary awe drawn out of us by canyons so grand they are lined with the history of the earth.Continue reading “Beauty”