Quadradic Equation

Lonely isn’t being alone on a cold November evening watching the trees release their orange confetti into the wind and lonely has nothing to do with silence or the dark shadows that slowly enter your room and lonely isn’t in the open space between the stars— lonely is the navigable road between two houses it’sContinue reading “Quadradic Equation”

Going Going Gone

It’s a mystery why I stayed so long settled for being half of myself instead of whole and it’s my fault for thinking that being alone would reduce me to loneliness when there is no place more lonely than being at the table across from someone who makes me feel like I’m not even there.Continue reading “Going Going Gone”


Found a bumble bee on my walk, doubled over, dead, but freshly so— with a velvet coat still bright as a morning daffodil. Its black enamel eyes were frozen in some unknowable expression which felt familiar and sad. The weightless body was the size of my fingertip, and as I held it in my palmContinue reading “Details”