Blood Loss

Please, heart, stay where you are— safe in the pocket of air that surrounds you, keeps you protected from the blows that are small enough not to break you but still bruise. Please, heart, listen this time— remember the way it hurt to beat for love that was only half fulfilled, half empty every timeContinue reading “Blood Loss”

Leaving Home

In the beginning I would leave the house feeling as though I was making a big mistake— that meeting him in secret on those winter afternoons was going to satisfy my curiosity but ruin my life if I fell in love with his mouth and everything he had to say— but now, every time IContinue reading “Leaving Home”

Three Months In

  In the first month you were satisfied with a single sentence meant for you— a question about your views on climate change or a query into your childhood activities— and then a compliment exchanged on Facebook somehow flooded your body with endorphins that lingered all day because another human being you’d never even metContinue reading “Three Months In”

Just Like My Father

Just Like My Father It is an accident when the man who parks next to me bumps the car in front of him.   I see it happen, though I can’t see if there’s damage or how much.   Before the bump I saw him: a gray haired man old as my father, confidence cuttingContinue reading “Just Like My Father”