This is the Future Without You

Eveninghas come againand I am awayin another worldspending the nightunder a cherry treewith trembling leavesin a tent for one.Another day has passed,has come to an end,has been full of almostbut not quiteeverything I loveabout being alive.

Pattern of Freeze and Thaw

Another springblooms greenin that space between blue skyand brown soil,which is like a lessonsome of us must learnagain and again—that something like happinesswill come,stay a while—and maybe that happinesswill have warm handsand a sunshine smile—still,no matter how good it feelsto grow and expand,to encompassone singular beauty—we are the thorns,the hurt things,the cuttable rose, already cut,ever-fixedContinue reading “Pattern of Freeze and Thaw”

Earth Day

I’ve come to tell you something about the earth something about this day the sun my god— MY GOD! the sun rose again and so did I— and how magnificent it is that I am a spectator of the goldfinch the nuthatch the Carolina wren—the song of life ringing in my ears— the vision ofContinue reading “Earth Day”

5:47 a.m.

5:47 a.m. Every fucking goddamn morning like clockwork my head on my pillow dreaming the sweetest of dreams when the barking pierces my slumber breaks into my consciousness jabs me into the most irritated state causes me to grit my teeth consider the guns some people used to assault this kind of problem back inContinue reading “5:47 a.m.”

Just One Of Those Nights We Dreamed Of

Tonight would have been fun, different. We would have sat outside on the deck under the string of soft yellow lights substituting for stars, and watched the hummingbirds quarrel without apologies. I would have thanked you so much for the day you spent working so hard to put a small roof over the table whereContinue reading “Just One Of Those Nights We Dreamed Of”


We would have been silent in our big hammock side by side, listening to the funny way crickets call out for love.The fire would blaze up then fade again taking its time incinerating the weeds we would have pulled from the garden this afternoon.My favorite part would have been watching the bats dancing in silhouettedContinue reading “Tonight”

I Won’t Go

I could go— sit for a while in the small meadow, walk along the creek, admire the sunflowers and the pink and purple phlox, but I wouldn’t find what I’d be looking for— those elusive treefrogs, green, like my envy for what will never be mine. There is joy enough remembering what else I foundContinue reading “I Won’t Go”


You are homelessmotherlesswithout a name—I have been so unkind to you—always filling the feedersfor the nuthatches and finches—oiled sunflower seeds out of your reach,the metal squirrel-guarddoing a fine job keeping you out.For the past three days, rain.Your gray coat has turned blackwith the paint of water.I am warm, under shelter.I have too much to eatandContinue reading “Squirrel”

In the After

What a strange burdento be lovedby the wrong person—by someone who wants nothing morethan to deliver you into happiness,to sit close to you,to be taken seriously by you,to be taken with youto your secret places—into the woods, or onto the river.They would give anythingto know you, please you—to be taken into the night with you,intoContinue reading “In the After”