I Was Right

When we were we— in love so deep we couldn’t see a way out, I would memorize the way your chest felt beneath my hand, the way your neck contoured my breath— the warmth of love settling into permanence. I knew, in those moments, everything the world had to teach me. I knew nothing wouldContinue reading “I Was Right”


For peace, she is willing to take a pill every day that will take away her pleasures her poetry her creativity because it will also take away want and wish and turn love into something benign, undesired— something she used to be capable of. DeMaris 3-10-2022

Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth The heavy snow stops everything— traffic work school construction lunch dates birthday parties doctor appointments big plans airplanes— but the heavy snow doesn’t stop your mind from running full speed two years into the past when you spent a couple February nights sliding into bed beside a man who loved you so muchContinue reading “Winter Warmth”

Sometimes I’m So Happy

Sometimes I’m So Happy Yes sometimes everything is wonderful perfect just right a smile finds its way to my lips there is so much happiness gratitude abundance so much right in my little world and every time I feel the delights of this or that my wish is so simple pure earnest my wish isContinue reading “Sometimes I’m So Happy”

An Unverifiable Truth

An Unverifiable Truth I used to think know believe that I loved you so much I wanted your happiness above all else even if it wasn’t with me but now I think of how bitter I’ll feel in the future when I’m living my life without you— you with someone else, you happy as youContinue reading “An Unverifiable Truth”

Pillar of Stone

Pillar of Stone Grief has set like concrete in my heart and there is nothing no one to soften what you made hard what you did was wicked cunning evil what you did was open me up fill me with the shape of your body then leave me with beautiful promises heavy as stones soContinue reading “Pillar of Stone”

Balancing Act

Been so raw bare irritated by disappointment I want to yell about ____________ but I am too aware of the color of my skin so I come to this white page purge been so let down forgotten left behind I want to complain about the way ____________ but I am too aware that my bankContinue reading “Balancing Act”

Theater of the Sky

You missed it. Tonight, the sky was dark by eight— dry, but wild with lightening so white I could have seen the color blaze in your eyes. Gauzy clouds flashed while the halved moon crept slowly out of sight to see what lay beyond the silhouetted trees. I was under them, looking up, watching theirContinue reading “Theater of the Sky”

Proof of Love

How do I do this how do I go on how do I live without his love how do I replace himredefine my existence without him I’m here alone remembering everything wonderful he whispered into my ear— every promise he made I have written down on this piece of paper I am holding I haveContinue reading “Proof of Love”

The Blame

The same womancan offer all her loveto two people—can be loved by one,hated by the other—known by one,unknown to the other—and the measureof her soul might begood and lovingto the whole of thosewho know her character—but one thing she didin the name of loveis enough to exclude herfrom forgivenessby the one who feelsthe bitterness andContinue reading “The Blame”