Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth The heavy snow stops everything— traffic work school construction lunch dates birthday parties doctor appointments big plans airplanes— but the heavy snow doesn’t stop your mind from running full speed two years into the past when you spent a couple February nights sliding into bed beside a man who loved you so muchContinue reading “Winter Warmth”

Separation Failure

Elsewhere— fighting protests protests against protests storms storms in the form of weather employment emotion health conflict conflict everywhere lovers raging screaming dissolving disappointing marriages ending walls going up separating separating need from plenty even the birds compete over the abundant seed but here— you and I are floating past the past your gentle handsContinue reading “Separation Failure”


We carved our pumpkins that dreadful night we learned how long we could expect you to exist in your current and only form. Inoperable was the word we didn’t want to hear and as we scooped out handfuls of that stringy pulp, we tried to focus on your joy instead of that small round patchContinue reading “Countdown”

Love Letter

My dearest, you are not my first love or my second, or my third. But you might be the fourth (or fifth). I’ll have to give it some thought and get back to you. Just remember there were a lot of years before we met, and even though you aren’t my first husband you’re myContinue reading “Love Letter”

All There Is

Today I’m in love with you again— and it isn’t because I choose to be, but because preference isn’t something handed to you which can be refused by free will or reason.   Today I am distracted by this love I didn’t ask for, didn’t want— and all I can do is wait for itContinue reading “All There Is”

Solitary Confinement

All day, it seemed, we made our way toward each other, slowly, the way a sensible child approaches a stray dog, unsure if it has a home elsewhere.   Small offerings of kindness coaxed interest and trust like when you offered me the seat beside you and I loaned you a pen when you couldn’tContinue reading “Solitary Confinement”

So Little

What I want is to yell. I don’t want to lower my voice like a life boat into the angry sea. I want to throw things and I want them to break into many useless pieces- and I want to empty the glue into the trash. I don’t want you to hear me again. IContinue reading “So Little”