I Still Use You

Every time, I use you— the memory of your face, your body, the way you felt inside me— I use the template we cut from our encounters to turn my hands into your hands— to feel what no one else has since felt. I close my eyes so I can see you above me smilingContinue reading “I Still Use You”

She Already Knows Why

If a woman doesn’t love her husband anymore— doesn’t wash his socks with hers— doesn’t snuggle up next to him to watch the evening news— doesn’t crave him in the night or day— does she have a right to know his lovers’ name or where they’ll go on Saturday night or what time he’ll beContinue reading “She Already Knows Why”

My debut novel “Two Doors” is available now on Amazon.com!

On November 15, 2008 I started writing notes on a story I’d been thinking about. The notes became notebook pages, and the notebook pages were eventually typed into a Word document that somehow became a novel! It’s been a labor of love, but Two Doors is finally here and available for your reading pleasure! It’sContinue reading “My debut novel “Two Doors” is available now on Amazon.com!”