I Still Use You

Every time, I use you— the memory of your face, your body, the way you felt inside me— I use the template we cut from our encounters to turn my hands into your hands— to feel what no one else has since felt. I close my eyes so I can see you above me smilingContinue reading “I Still Use You”

Wherever I Go

One o’clock departure. Hot. Bright. Anticipation. Our date was with the whales. Fifteen miles from the edge of everything. Land nowhere in sight. We were Hollywood. Glamorous. Me, red summer dress, big sunglasses. You, careless gray hair, enviably cool. Everyone was looking. At the humpbacks. At each other. Some couples held hands. Some didn’t touchContinue reading “Wherever I Go”


  My boots were muddy from our walk in the woods and my hands were cold on that February afternoon bright with cumulus clouds demanding their share of the sky and below their gaze we stood face to face with bashful smiles and you took my hands in yours and refused to let me burrowContinue reading “Fires”