Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth The heavy snow stops everything— traffic work school construction lunch dates birthday parties doctor appointments big plans airplanes— but the heavy snow doesn’t stop your mind from running full speed two years into the past when you spent a couple February nights sliding into bed beside a man who loved you so muchContinue reading “Winter Warmth”


This is the winter of my life— cold, vacant, sad. All those words that describe emptiness sitting alongside something otherwise beautiful, otherwise full of obligations I don’t mind. But I keep finding stones that asked to be picked up and carried in the pocket of my heart and it’s hard to say no to theirContinue reading “Stones”

I Wonder

Sometimes the writing is on the wall but for weeks it’s been on a handwritten sign at the corner of Main Street and Emerson Avenue– black foamboard white letters hunched over in the snow– a kind of crude, yet sincere devotion to philosophy– an invitation, really, to fill in the blank. “I wonder ______” TwoContinue reading “I Wonder”

Metaphor for a Broken Heart

This dull morning is too cold to be beautiful now that the snow has melted into the sound of water trying to return to the earth after it was lifted into the sky where it didn’t belong and where it was never meant to stay             DeMaris 1-2-16   Painting byContinue reading “Metaphor for a Broken Heart”

Below Zero

Today is white cold below zero and you are on the verge again of driving away with your whereabouts unknown into the bright afternoon where you could easily find yourself in a ditch full of snowflakes that are beautiful like that boy who has warmed your heart— but one touch from you and the meltingContinue reading “Below Zero”


The snow is too fresh for me to admire from inside so I will lace up my boots and cut veins into its white heart— every step a destructive pulse that will remind me of another landscape I only meant to admire for a while— a white heart I never meant to trample on orContinue reading “White”

Somewhere, Re-imagined

  You were there and I was there too and we were close enough to touch each other with our gloved hands instead of just words— which is what we were accustom to. It was twilight under trees, under snow that fell so slowly it didn’t have time to accumulate into an excuse for meContinue reading “Somewhere, Re-imagined”


Everything is harder in the winter. Not just the ground frozen beneath the snow but the effort everyone must make just to move from the front door to the mailbox, which may or may not contain a letter that will change your life or a bill impossible to pay. Layers of fleece and flannel haveContinue reading “Hard”