I Still Use You

Every time, I use you— the memory of your face, your body, the way you felt inside me— I use the template we cut from our encounters to turn my hands into your hands— to feel what no one else has since felt. I close my eyes so I can see you above me smilingContinue reading “I Still Use You”

Temporary Man

I need to tell you stop you’re falling you don’t understand that I will not I will never love you I can’t I don’t even wish I could but I see you’re good I see how kind you are to me it feels like something I should want but I don’t because I I IContinue reading “Temporary Man”

My Nature Poem

  Finally I am ready to confess that no one has held me captive inside their flesh— in between the heat of arms and chest and chin in such a way that I wanted never to escape. And I will also confess that to find myself in such a place is a desire so constantContinue reading “My Nature Poem”

Orbital Resonance

The party was delicious with the smell of chocolate and wine and the people on the list were beautiful and dressed as if this were the last day of the year to advertise their singularity and there were those little clusters of stars smiling and talking and drinking too much to notice that there wereContinue reading “Orbital Resonance”

What We Want

Don’t— don’t give it to me. Do not give it to me. Even though I want it. I want to want it— whatever it is don’t let me have it taste it bruise it ruin it — just let me sit here with it out of reach— my heart singing and burning and longing forContinue reading “What We Want”