Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth The heavy snow stops everything— traffic work school construction lunch dates birthday parties doctor appointments big plans airplanes— but the heavy snow doesn’t stop your mind from running full speed two years into the past when you spent a couple February nights sliding into bed beside a man who loved you so muchContinue reading “Winter Warmth”

Morning Coffee

Chill winter morning coffee in hand warms your lips your tongue your belly your gut empty filled only with longing with memories of his body next to yours his body gone his body tender with love that melts when you close your eyes your eyes that bleed tears salty bittersweet oh, how you wish forContinue reading “Morning Coffee”

Snow Angel

Today, the future has finally arrived giftwrapped in snow— it’s the future I hoped for doubted questioned when I hiked alone around Yellowwood Lake a dozen years ago on a white winter day like this— ignorant, then, of how to tell the oaks apart after their leaves had fallen— back when I hadn’t a clueContinue reading “Snow Angel”

Winter Daydream

My mind likes to wander into your territory sometimes and make believe it’s me in her place holding your hand on the beach or laying next to you in the night listening to the mottled owl screech its warning not to get too close— so I keep my distance even though I can remember yourContinue reading “Winter Daydream”

Metaphor for a Broken Heart

This dull morning is too cold to be beautiful now that the snow has melted into the sound of water trying to return to the earth after it was lifted into the sky where it didn’t belong and where it was never meant to stay             DeMaris 1-2-16   Painting byContinue reading “Metaphor for a Broken Heart”

Winter Solstice

  Tomorrow the days will begin to grow longer as if some kind of dull hope can be extracted from this cold. But today is the darkest day— today I want to follow you into the woods instead of going home where I belong to my duties and all the promises I’ve ever made. TodayContinue reading “Winter Solstice”

Walking Away

  Soon we will be over like the autumn and I will watch you depart like a sandhill crane making its way toward a more reliable warmth. The winter will pass quietly and slowly between us and we’ll have no spring thaw to look forward to— no digging up the earth to plant a loveContinue reading “Walking Away”


The snow is too fresh for me to admire from inside so I will lace up my boots and cut veins into its white heart— every step a destructive pulse that will remind me of another landscape I only meant to admire for a while— a white heart I never meant to trample on orContinue reading “White”