This is the Future Without You

Eveninghas come againand I am awayin another worldspending the nightunder a cherry treewith trembling leavesin a tent for one.Another day has passed,has come to an end,has been full of almostbut not quiteeverything I loveabout being alive.

I Still Use You

Every time, I use you— the memory of your face, your body, the way you felt inside me— I use the template we cut from our encounters to turn my hands into your hands— to feel what no one else has since felt. I close my eyes so I can see you above me smilingContinue reading “I Still Use You”

Sometimes I’m So Happy

Sometimes I’m So Happy Yes sometimes everything is wonderful perfect just right a smile finds its way to my lips there is so much happiness gratitude abundance so much right in my little world and every time I feel the delights of this or that my wish is so simple pure earnest my wish isContinue reading “Sometimes I’m So Happy”

Temporary Man

I need to tell you stop you’re falling you don’t understand that I will not I will never love you I can’t I don’t even wish I could but I see you’re good I see how kind you are to me it feels like something I should want but I don’t because I I IContinue reading “Temporary Man”

Nothing in Return

He sworeI sworeLoveWas the thingThe stringBetween usUnbreakableStrongFragileSafeEven whenIt couldn’t yetBe stitchedInto the quiltThat would coverProtectWarmOur nightsAfter these daysMonthsYearsPassLike a needleInto my patienceWhich isMy promisePuncturedIn tactWaitingWith nothingIn returnBut this hope. DeMaris5-15-2021

How I Know I Loved You

I know becausestillI talk about youso fondlywith such loveandeven compassion. I know becausestillyour happinessis my desirethough you found ittherewithout me. I know becauseI learnedhow to sitwith your absencein my handsin my bedand there’s no regret. I know becauseI can stilldo goodbe goodfeel goodevery daybecause of you. I know becauseenough timehas passedfor me to healand IContinue reading “How I Know I Loved You”

I Will Love You Anyway

I would carry your angerif you would give it to me I would listen to your fearsif only you’d tell me I would help you discoverthe purpose inside you I would give you my heartif you’d let me beside you I would follow you anywherefor one chance more I would fall at your feetif you’dContinue reading “I Will Love You Anyway”

Where Will We Go

Remember?We were going to travel togetheranywhereeverywherebut nowI’m writing these poemsthat are really letters to younot knowing if there is any hopeleft in your heartthat we will sit togetherat our kitchen tablewith the laptop opento Costa RicaSan FranciscoWarsawcomparing airlinessearching for the best viewsfoodwine—I want to be a global citizen with youafter you returnafter my exileafter IContinue reading “Where Will We Go”

In the After

What a strange burdento be lovedby the wrong person—by someone who wants nothing morethan to deliver you into happiness,to sit close to you,to be taken seriously by you,to be taken with youto your secret places—into the woods, or onto the river.They would give anythingto know you, please you—to be taken into the night with you,intoContinue reading “In the After”